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Godly Heritage







God has blessed both of us with a godly heritage. I am the fifth of ten children born to Virgil and Rebecca Wesco. I am thankful that both of my parents came to know the Lord in their youth and were faithful to teach me and my siblings the things of the Lord from infancy! I was home educated from the very beginning all the way through high school.

The Lord called my father, Pastor Virgil W. Wesco, to the ministry in the 1970's while he was still in the US Air Force. He is currently Pastor Emeritus at Fellowship Baptist Church in South Bend, Indiana.

My grandparents were first confronted with biblical Christianity when a Baptist preacher came knocking at their door and shared the wonderful gospel of Christ's death for their sins and the new life that faith in Him could bring. My grandmother protested! She said that she, her husband and baby girls had all been baptized, and after all, they were pretty good people! But in response to the preacher's challenge, a futile search for infant baptism in the Scriptures failed. The Spirit of God instead used the two-edged sword of the Bible to pierce their hearts and bring them to the saving knowledge of the One who throughout their lives would prove to be a precious Companion, Lord, and Savior.

Evelyn is the firstborn of Bill and Joanne Chu. She has one sister and two brothers. She also has had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and was taught the truth of God from a young age. She was home educated from the fourth grade through high school. In addition to writing and speaking fluent English, Evelyn also speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Evelyn's great-grandmother was led to the Lord by Baptist Missionaries in China. While Evelyn's grandfather was still in the womb, her great-grandmother prayed that God would call him to the ministry. God answered that prayer when years later, as an electrical engineer, the Lord called him to the ministry. When he resigned from the Taiwan Power Company, many told him that he was leaving the Taiwan Power Company to work for the Greatest POWER Company in the world! As a Baptist preacher the power of God has worked through him in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States.

How the Lord brought us together

We met when we were both fourteen. The first Sunday after Evelyn's family moved to South Bend, IN from Los Angeles, CA they came to our church. We invited them for Sunday dinner. Only God knew that in ten years Evelyn and I would be married.

While still in our youth, both of us committed to biblical principles of courtship. Individually, we determined to be pure in body and spirit. We purposed to wait on the Lord for His perfect will while preparing ourselves for the responsibilities of marriage and family. We married only with the full permission and blessing of both of our parents.

By the grace of God, we kept these commitments. God preserved us from the emotional brokenness caused by our generation's practice of casual dating. With no regrets we are thankful that we saved our first kiss for each other on our wedding day.

We were married in 2008. It has been a joy to serve the Lord together. We are praising the Lord for the blessing of four children, Faith, Elijah, Hope and Micah.

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