Past Short-term Foreign Missionary opportunities

The Lord gave us the opportunity to minister in Kaohsiung, Taiwan during the Spring of 2009. The time was filled with ministry.

We spent several weeks with missionaries already established in Taiwan. They involved us in their ministries, giving Stephen opportunities to preach and minister in chalk art, and for Evelyn to assist in music. In addition to their local ministries, the missionaries introduced us to other ministries and the spiritual needs in Taiwan.

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The Lord saw fit to use us for His service in South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Below are some of the short-term opportunities we have had on the foreign mission field.

2003 & 2004 short-term mission trips to South Africa. CLICK for DETAILS >


2006 July - Evelyn spent four weeks working with two missionaries already established in the southern Philippines. Their outreach was to an Islamic community through medicine. The four weeks were spent following them, observing their work, and interacting with the local people. Evelyn also assisted with administrative details and with the upkeep of the mission home.

2005 June - Evelyn's short term mission trip to Singapore and Malaysia - This was a four week mission trip with a team of US and native Singaporean and Malaysian Christians. Our ministry was to run weeklong children's Bible clubs and to provide assistance to the local churches and families.